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Professional Consulting

To assist the client in structuring the Index values and filing structure to easily find documents and build their Record Retention Schedule.

Document Scanning

Working with paper is just so outdated.

Managing paper documents and records can be like an impossible mountain to climb.  We provide a full turnkey service to do on-site or off-site scanning, indexing and uploading to the Document and Records Solution.  Documents are processed to be readable (OCR) which enables full content search.

Doc-IT & Mail Pro Software Supply & Installation

  • Doc-IT Document Guru
  • Mail Pro e-mail monitoring

Automated Indexing and uploading


By using zonal character recognition (OCR) we can automatically populate index values and upload documents with full content search capability, in a structured and controlled manner, that will assist all staff to understand the location and value of the stored information.     


We provide full user and administrator training.



Fully automated workflow capability that saves employees hours of mundane repetitive tasks.  Not only is it fast, it is also accurate and reliable and doesn’t take leave. 


Approvals, Business process management, Process Flows and Tasks